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  • portion size video

    Video: Serving vs Portion

    Learn about the difference between “serving size” and “portion size” and the importance of heeding recommended serving sizes.
  • sugar video

    Video: Sugar

    Many Americans consume more sugar than they should, but you can limit your sugar intake by learning how to read nutrition labels and cutting down on processed foods.
  • apple cider

    Recipe: Slow Cooker Caramel Apple Cider

    Try This Healthy Fall Recipe There’s nothing like a cool September day to make you long for apple cider. Make this easy recipe to celebrate the harvest season and welcome friends and family into your kitchen.
  • september

    September — A Month to Honor Seniors!

    The cooler days of September are here, and there’s plenty to celebrate, starting with Grandparents Day on Sunday, September 13. Spend some time with a grandparent or other senior, sharing in their wisdom, perspectives and civic values.
  • healthy aging

    Healthy Aging Tips

    A few ways to stay fit and stall the aging process. Exercise — Walking is an effective way to stay fit. Even if the weather is bad, try walking the track at your local fitness center or inside a shopping mall.
  • Fall

    Fall 2015 Health Topics

    While good health is a perennial topic, we highlight one important aspect of your healthcare each month. Be sure to talk with your doctor on your next visit if you have questions or concerns about these topics.